It’s Official. It Is The End Of The Road For Sony Playstation Vita

It looks like smartphone has claimed another victim: Sony Playstation Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment’s portable gaming device which was just in its 2nd generation. To be fair, smartphone hasn’t really caused any real “fatality” until now. PS Vita may be the first to be directly affected by the surge of mobile gaming on smartphone and […]

Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Playstation Vita Bundle

the revitalized Playstation Vita touting a slimmer and lighter design is finally heading to North America this spring, and will be offered bundled with first-person role-playing shooter Borderlands 2. officially dubbed Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Playstation Vita Bundle, the package will include…

Playstation Vita Ice Silver

traditionally gadgets are finished in either black or silver and so it makes perfect sense, if not a logical move, to have your Playstation Vita portable gaming system in silver. no? anyway, we think it is cool and way better than having it in black, blue, red, white or whatever. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced late last month the

video: Playstation Vita in action at Tokyo Game Show

Sony Computer Entertainment had a blast at the recent Tokyo Game Show (September 15-18) and the spotlight is of course on its upcoming portable gaming device, the Playstation Vita…

Sony Playstation Vita has not one but two multitouch surfaces

finally, official words on the Playstation Portable successor: the Playstation Vita. ‘Vita’ does sound a little off too me but according to Playstation ‘Vita’ means ‘Life’ in Latin which is what…