traditionally gadgets are finished in either black or silver and so it makes perfect sense, if not a logical move, to have your Playstation Vita portable gaming system in silver. no? anyway, we think it is cool and way better than having it in black, blue, red, white or whatever. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced late last month the addition of the Playstation Vita WiFi model in a new “Ice Silver” color to its stable, however, this particular new exciting hue will only be available to the Asia market and will hit the shelves in countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore on March 6, 2013 with a suggested retail price of 2,280 HKD (399 SGD/1,099 MYR; about US$294). it is not a mid-life facelift or whatsoever, so expect the same Vita dressed in different color. in fact, we are surprised that Playstation Asia did not come up with a special Year of the Snake edition. perhaps one Vita clad in faux snake skin? anyway, if this ice silver model does not psych you up as much, then look forward to the apparent “Playstation 2013” event happening on the February 20 where Sony will be announcing its next generation Playstation console.

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