This Is klang mkI, Loewe’s First Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Loewe, the German luxury TV maker, is known for its television. It has dabbled in audio products too, but never portable wireless speakers, well, that’s until now. Meet Loewe klang mkI wireless Bluetooth speaker, the company’s foray into the world of untethered, portable speaker. Loewe is a little late in the game, but the product […]

IKEA’s First Bluetooth Speakers Launched In The U.S. and The U.K.

Ikea is a prime example of a business that can keep up with times. While the Swedish firm is generally known for its minimalist flatpack furniture, it is also a company that sells smart lighting (in addition to regular lights), wireless charging pads and now, Bluetooth speakers. Wait, what??? Yes. You read that right. The […]

This Wireless Speaker Has 200W, Equalizer And A Whole Lot Of Style

Bluetooth speaker that touts equalizer isn’t new, but I bet you have not come across one that has physical EQ keys built into it and still remain compact and portable. The Studio 19 Solo E600X-EQ Bluetooth Speaker you see here is one such speaker. It may be small, but this uber sleek cylindrical speaker is […]

Voice-enabled JBL LINK View Is Harman’s Answer To Amazon Echo Show

It looks like now Samsung-own Harman’s JBL has an answer to Amazon Echo Show, a video display equipped Alexa-powered smart assistant that is loaded with both camera and speakers. Christened JBL LINK View Voice-controlled Smart Display Speaker, this nifty device with an unmistakable JBL aesthetic will join JBL LINK family line of smart speakers with […]

LG Teamed Up With Meridian Audio, Unveiled Premium Sound Speakers

British premium audio equipment maker, Meridian Audio, is not quite a household name for obvious reasons, but not anymore and the English brand probably has LG to thanks. The two companies have announced a partnership that will bring the English manufacturer’s high performance audio to the mass market, starting with a sound bar that touts […]

Someone Turned An 80s Fisher Price Cassette Player Into A Boombox

Turning luggage into boombox aren’t new, but turning a toy-ish vintage cassette tape player into a Bluetooth speaker? Well, that’s refreshing. The Fisher-Price Bluetooth Boombox Stereo Vintage Tape Cassette Player is exactly that. It is the handiwork of Etsy seller HiFiLuggage who have convert a 1980s Fisher Price Cassette Player into a fit-for-modern-day Bluetooth speaker […]

Here Are Some New Gadgets From Amazon For This Holiday Season

September 27 is a big day for online retail giant, Amazon. It was like the Apple Event for Amazon where the company a slew of new gadgets, ready to coax your hard-earned money out of your wallet for this holiday season. A total of six gadgets were announced on this day and it includes a […]

This Small And Stylish Wireless Speaker Could Give B&O A Run For Their Money

It is strange that the physical beauty of high-end audio products from the likes of Bang & Olufsen and Bowers & Wilkins is replicated only by a handful. We all know how the products from the aforementioned brands sound like and almost without fail, those products have the look to match, but unbeknownst to us, […]

With EcoLantern, You Can Literally Have A Party When Out In The Wild

You need the light, you need music and sometimes, you need a little jolt of juice for your mobile devices when you are out in the wild, so it makes perfect sense to be lugging along a multi-function camping gadget like the EcoLantern Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Lantern by ECOXGEAR, a Grace Digital Audio company. EcoLantern […]

Pioneer $100 Lightning Speaker Will Made Conference Speaker Obsolete

Gone are the days where you need clunky equipment to set up a proper conference room that could potentially that cost tens of thousands of dollars. With the advancement in projection technology, a palm-size projector like The Cube or UO Smart Beam Laser Projector, along with a smartphone, could be the answer to your need […]