Remember the GravaStar Mars Pro Bluetooth speaker we spoke so highly about? Well, like the Sirius P5 TWS and Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger, it has gotten the Transformers makeover too. This special edition of Mars Pro is treated to the iconic red and blue colorway, along with the Autobot logo and the text “AUTOBOTS, ROLL OUT” along with graffiti-style Optimus Prime name printed on it.

GravaStar Mars Pro Transformers Edition Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker further boasts Cybertron-inspired light and sound effects and a special light rhythm. It comes presented in a special collaborative gift box. Beyond that, I don’t believe it is any different from the regular Mars Pro. It still offers the same high-frequency full-range 20W dual driver setup which has awesome sound, btw, and good battery life.

The GravaStar Mars Pro Transformers Edition [CH] is limited to just 608 units “globally” but here’s the thing. Because of the complex nature of licensing, the GravaStar Mars Pro Transformers Edition Bluetooth Speaker is not available outside of mainland China.

GravaStar Mars Pro Transformers Edition Bluetooth Speaker

As a consolation, there is a similar paint job variant without the Transformers’ branding selling on the GravaStar website called “Captain”. It can be had as we speak for US$279.95 if anyone’s interested. Captain is limited too, though it is not clear what is the edition number.

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Images: GravaStar.

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