while we may not understand why there’s a need to do time lapse video, we do know that the Brinno Instant HDR Time Lapse Camera (TLC200 Pro) is the device to get if high-quality time lapse is on the top of your list. it is true you can do time lapse with a variety of cameras, including your iPhone, but like we said, if you are really, really resolute, you probably would not settle for second best. billed as the world’s first HDR time lapse video camera, the TLC200 Pro features a 1.3MP HDR sensor, a 1.44″ TFT LCD display, 120-degree of lens rotation angle, auto generation of time lapse video, HD 720p recording, a SD card slot for storage (supports up to 32GB), CS lens mount that allows you to switch the included 14mm f/2.0 aspherical lens for a wide range of lenses, and like most Brinno products, power source comes from a quad of AA batteries – saving you the hassle of charging and recharging. hey, it’s a time lapse cam, and you wouldn’t want to be bringing the device back to recharge while it is doing its thing, do you?

by default, the TLC200 Pro captures 3-5 photos in a second, but it is totally customizable from 1 second up to 24 hours. the device works right out-of-the-box. there’s no stitching or converting to mess around, which perfect if you are looking for a time lapse system that just works. though it is noteworthy that it is not waterproof, so outdoor use would require an optional weather resistant housing and that’s additional to the $399.99 price tag it carries.

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Brinno Instant HDR Time Lapse Camera (TLC200 Pro)

Brinno via Damn Geeky

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