CINEWOOD Projectors Are Cute Projectors That Are Kids-friendly

When it comes projector, children aren’t the first to come to mind, but not the CINEWOOD Projectors. CINEWOOD Projectors, the LTE and WHITE, are marketed as Portable Cinema Projectors that will provides “an ‘Attractive Learning’ experience” – thanks to the interactive voice interface and AR tailored for kids. Even the aesthetics are decidedly ‘cute’ which […]

XGIMI CC Aurora Wants To Be A Portable Theater And It May Have Pulled It Off

I read one favorable review of this projector and thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys. Coming from a relatively unknown company called XGIMI, the CC Aurora is a wireless HD portable projector which the company proudly billed as “your first portable wireless theater.” And it probably is. It is […]

SPUD Is A 24″Display For Your Mobile Devices That Slips Into Your Purse

Until, businesses have been touting projector as the solution to your tiny mobile device screen. Projectors sound good and all, except that you need a proper surface to get things going. Just when you thought that (projector) is the only way to go, a Huston-based startup came up with a brilliant solution. Called Spontaneous Pop-up […]

This Is Sony Xperia Touch, It Will Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Surface

When you talk about projectors, you probably think of a device that throws an image on a vertical, flat surface. While it is true the Sony Xperia Touch you see here fulfils the aforementioned typical projector criteria, it is not quite like your typical projector. It is an interactive Android projector that is capable of […]

Razer’s Project Ariana Want To Extend Your Gaming Onto The Room Walls

You how Razer Chroma adds game immersion with the help of multicolor light? Apparently, that’s isn’t quite enough and surely it isn’t. It is only as immersive if the entire room, or at least what’s in front of you, is engulfed in the game and that, folks, is exactly what Razer’s Project Ariana, the future […]

Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Projects More Than Videos

You can always trust Sony to turn out gadgets that are both cutting edge and stylish. The Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector you see here is one such example that embodies the aforementioned qualities. Look wise, the product pretty much speaks for itself and as for the tech, this 2 lbs 1 oz (930g), […]

The Cube Mobile Projector Is 2-inch Tiny But Puts Out 120-inch Projection

It looks like smartphone has reached its size limit. Anything that can’t slips into the pocket is pretty crazy, so I guess 6-inch is as far as a mobile communication device can go without making users looking dumb. But the truth is, we do need large display and until the day when smartphone is capable […]

This World’s Smallest DLP Projector Puts A 60-inch Display In Your Pocket

Lets face it. However big is your phone or tablet, nothing beats the big screen, but that’s also a problem: not everywhere you go, there will be a big screen TV waiting for you. This is where portable projectors can come in really handy. Surely the market is not lacking of projectors, but today, CDW-own […]

scanPAD Is A Big-Ass Stand That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Scanner

Forget about cumbersome desktop scanners, a Munich-based startup has devised a beautiful accessory that will turn today’s powerful smartphone into a scanner, well, kind off. Dubbed scanPAD, it is basically a precision machined aluminum stand that uses patent-pending suction pad to hold a smartphone overhead as it takes stills of whatever that’s place beneath it, […]

This Life-size R2-D2 is Actually a Mini Fridge and a HD Projector in Disguise

Star Wars series of movies aren’t exactly movies that you drink to. Popcorn, probably, but a cold one? Well, likely not a fitting scenario. I mean, it’s not like it is the big game, right? Though it would be nice if R2-D2 can bring you a drink or two as you catch up with the […]