Iron Man Shape-changing Armor Won’t Change Shape But No Less Awesome

Tony Stark has never stop innovating. The fictional super hero in exoskeleton suit has developed more armored suits than your digits can count, but if we were to single out one suit from recent time worthy of a special mention, it would be the shape-changing armor which appeared in 2015’s Invincible Iron Man comics. Why? […]

Heroic Age’s Iron Man Given A Japanese Makeover And It Looks Fantastic

long before the rest of the world are nuts about robots and robotic suits, Japanese are already imagining them in anime, and so it is no surprise they would like to have their own take of the Iron Man. the Re:Edit Iron Man #01: Bleeding Edge Armor you see here is the result. sculpted by […]

Metal Gear Solid iDroid iPhone Case

thicker than necessary iPhone case usually turns us off, but if there’s one that looks like part of Iron Man suit, we’d turn a blind eye to the size factor and the same goes to this Metal Gear Solid iDroid iPhone Case which Hideo Kojima, the man behind Metal Gear Solid franchise, tweeted about.