DSLR-like Accessory Will Do Justice To Your Powerful Smartphone Camera

It is true that smartphone’s camera cannot stack up to a DSLR, but there is no doubt that the images taken by smartphone can be quite impressive too. What it lacks is the ease of controls without poking through menus after menus. Enters Miggo Pictar Pro. Pictar Pro is a hardware accessory that make your […]

This Unknown Device Takes Wireless Charging To The Magical Realm

If time traveling is possible and if you were to transport a person from medieval age to today, he or she would think wireless charging technology and smartphone are some kind of magic. Possibly dark magic. He or she would be in awe and wary. Well, you know what? It might very well be, if […]

Matr Boomie Wants To Empower Women With This Smartphone Stand

I read the product description. But, TBH, I am still not entirely sure how this unique Carved Mango Wood Smartphone Stand can help to empower women in anyway. Was it carved by craftswomen? It didn’t say so. But that does not stop us from admiring this super dope smartphone stand. It is definitely a refreshing […]

CINEWOOD Projectors Are Cute Projectors That Are Kids-friendly

When it comes projector, children aren’t the first to come to mind, but not the CINEWOOD Projectors. CINEWOOD Projectors, the LTE and WHITE, are marketed as Portable Cinema Projectors that will provides “an ‘Attractive Learning’ experience” – thanks to the interactive voice interface and AR tailored for kids. Even the aesthetics are decidedly ‘cute’ which […]

This Smart Auto Cutoff Cable Wants To Safeguard Your Smartphone’s Battery

You know how is it. You have activities, early start of the next day and you would do what every sane person would do: hit the sack early and leave your smartphone charging overnight, so you’d get a fully charged device first thing in the morning. It is a norm and I am personally guilty […]

Placeon: Having A Phone On Your Belt Never Looked This Cool And Stylish!

You don’t always need new inventions to improve life. Sometimes you just need to improved on existing inventions. The Placeon Cellphone Belt Clip is one good example. I know. The mention of ‘belt clip’ conjures up image of chunky, ugly phone holder you used to see you dad or grandad clipped on their belts. Trust […]

Mr. Fusion Car Charger: Where You Will Be Charging Needs No Wall Outlet

With the Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger, where you will be charging need no wall outlet; you just need a car with a 12V supply port. A ThinkGeek exclusive, the Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Car Charger will recharge up to two tablet simultaneously with electricity, not junks like the actual […]

Fujifilm instax SQUARE Printer May Just Make Printing Photos Fun Again

Thanks to the popularity of Instagram, square format images are again a thing (it should always be anyways). Personally, I don’t favor square format photos, except when they are printed and if you are on the same page as me, well, good news to us, because Fujifilm has a new printer that does square print […]

This $25 Accessory Uses A 3-Lens System To Let You Dive Into The Micro World

These days, our phones are capable of so much more; sometimes, all it needs is a helping hand from an accessory and/or an app. The 60x Clip-on Phone Field Microscope, a STEM Engagement Venture of South Australia-based Sensibility Pty Ltd., is one such accessory. Clip-on microscope for smartphone isn’t new, however, what makes this super […]

Take Your Smartphone Charging To Warp Speed With The Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core Usb Car Charger

Take your smartphone charging to warp speed with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger. While this little guy here may not get your 500 dollar rundown Mazda station wagon into warp speed like it did for the USS Enterprise, it will, however, top up your USB-powered mobile gadgets with the […]