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EmoPulse SMILE Smartphone Bracelet

want to know the future of wrist watch? if the EmoPulse SMILE Smartphone Bracelet is any indication at all, that would be the direction the technology might be heading. if we were to call the SMILE a smartwatch, it would be an unfair statement, because conceptually, it is supposed to be a replacement for your smartphone (though it could be used in conjunction with your smartphone as a smartwatch). as such, it has both SIM card tray and built-in 4G radio that would allow you to make and receive calls. but the calling functionality is just scratching the surface of this futuristic phone-watch hybrid. according to its developer, it has a OMAP 5 processor and has two seamlessly joint curved displays wrapped along its bracelet-like design. Continue reading EmoPulse SMILE Smartphone Bracelet

Secret Labs AGENT Smartwatch

though the concept of smartwatch isn’t new, it has yet to take off. why? we are not really sure, but Secret Labs think they may have found at least one of the issues: battery lifespan. utilizing a power-optimized dual processor design comprising of a 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor and a secondary AVR co-processor, the Secret Labs AGENT Smartwatch, as it is called, is able to extend its battery lifespan dramatically. thanks in part to the processor setup that is said to consume 33uA in sleep mode as opposed to 300 uA in “last year’s processors.” anyway, apart from this welcoming feature, Secret Labs also touted collaboration with a real watchmaker and in this case, it has teamed up with New York-based House of Horology for the development of this watch. the end result is a smartwatch that does everything you expect of a smartwatch, including displaying text messages, call alert, lost phone alert and the likes, while looking sharp at the same time. in another word, this smartwatch will feel right at home regardless of what outfit you wear. Continue reading Secret Labs AGENT Smartwatch

Martian Passport Watch

smartwatches are, well, smart but not so smart in the fashion department as far as your favorite tuxe is concerned. honestly, stuff like I’m Watch or the InPulse does look kind of out of place in any formal attire. so, if you are all over Bluetooth watches, perhaps the Martian Passport Watch will be a more fitting match. instead of some fancy touch display, it has a ‘traditional’ analog watch occupying roughly 60% of the watch face and beyond that, it features Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology for talking with your smartphone and a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery good for over two hours of yakking, or seven days of standby. Continue reading Martian Passport Watch

WiMe NanoWatch Phone

smartphone or mobile phone alone has made our lives a whole lot convenient but you can take it a step further by say, going the Dick Tracy route with a watch that doubles as a communication device or have a smartwatch that relays everything from messages, email and calls from your smartphone without having to actually whip your smartphone out of your bag or pocket. the WiMe NanoWatch is one such watch that can do both of the aforementioned. priced at $99 a piece, the NanoWatch features a 1.54-inch resistive touchscreen display with 240 by 240 resolution, boasting 220 ppi (we reckon it should be pretty damn sharp for such a tiny display) and Continue reading WiMe NanoWatch Phone

MetaWatch STRATA

MetaWatch STRATA
MetaWatch STRATA | from US$159.00 | www.metawatch.org

honestly, a smartwatch that works with your smartphone is not something new but one that look as good as the MetaWatch STRATA is far and few between. the STRATA acts as an extension to your iPhone 4S and Android smartphones, utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 technology to wirelessly communicate with the smartphone and relays its incoming calls, text messages, emails, Facebook notifications, Twitter messages, discreetly via vibration. thus, saving you the hassle of digging out your phone, in the event that the alert is not of any importance. Continue reading MetaWatch STRATA

Sony Smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch
Sony Smartwatch | US$149.99 | www.sonymobile.com

keeping your smartphone in your pocket or bag resulted in a new chore of the 21st century: taking them out to check whatever that is buzzing in your pocket or in your bag. if you are those that agree that the aforementioned is indeed a new age chore, then the new Sony Smartwatch might just be your new best friend. as you would have expected, this watch does more than just telling time, it connects to your Android smartphone, allowing you to read text messages and emails, receive Facebook and Twitter alerts, check out the weather, receive and answer calls, and control your music, right from your wrist. Continue reading Sony Smartwatch

I’m Watch Android-based touchscreen Smartwatch

I'm Watch I'm Jewel Smartwatches 544x328px
(credit: I’m Watch) I’m Watch Smartwatch | from €249.00 | www.imwatch.it

the race for watches to outsmart each other is on going and one that’s going to be available pretty soon is these Android-based touchscreen watches. dubbed the I’m Watch, these watches are said to be designed to work alongside your Android smartphones, and even your iOS devices. there are two versions of this product: I’m Jewel and I’m Color. the former is a luxury range that’s designed around precious materials such as titanium, gold, and diamonds and commands a higher price tag. on the hand, the I’m Color collection is designed around colors and offers a more affordable solution. Continue reading I’m Watch Android-based touchscreen Smartwatch

InPulse watch – your Blackberry notifications on your wrist

InPulse Smartwatch 544x398px
(image credit: InPulse) InPulse smartwatch | US$149.00 | www.getinpulse.com

just like the evolution of mobile phone, watches are evolving and soon, we will be able to do more with our watch then just telling time. in fact, watches that has dual or more functions aren’t new today, it ranges from USB drive watches to seemingly useless function like stopping time. personally, i have one classic Casio that has a built calculator complete with keypad which was beyond its time when it was first introduced. before the watches could do even more, we have to make do with item like the InPulse Smartwatch. Continue reading InPulse watch – your Blackberry notifications on your wrist

sWaP Rebel multi-function watch is a watch spies dream of

sWaP Rebel watch img1 544px
(image credit: sWaP) sWaP Rebel Watch | £189.99 | www.s-w-a-p.co.uk

the sWaP Rebel beats all the dual-function watches we featured here last month, hands down. the sWaP Rebel will definitely have James Bond-wannabe drooling all over. granted it may not be the Omega that has a laser that cuts through steel but it has more functions packed in to more than make up for the lack of laser. Continue reading sWaP Rebel multi-function watch is a watch spies dream of