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MIT unveils paper-thin solar cell prototype

MIT Paper-thin Solar Cell Prototype 544px
(photo source: Martin LaMonica/CNET)
why hasn’t solar energy been a wide spread use is probably due to it’s high cost and the bulk it requires to produce the required energy. imagine trying to implement solar cells in your home – i bet the panels are going to cover the whole of the roofing structure. not only it will be aesthetically pleasing, but also adding significant weight on the roof. it works well with a single appliance such as water heater but i can’t imagine the number of solar panels required to supply 80% of a household consumption.

recently, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) presented an early results of research on paper-thin solar cells. this provides promising outlook for applications in a wide spectrum of area. just imagine covering your house with paper-thin solar cells and be able to harness the electricity generated by it to run your daily household appliances. definitely a good news to planet earth, where we are fast facing depleting energy resources and increasing pollutions.

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via CNET.

Eton Soulra solar-powered iphone/ipod speaker dock

Eton Soulra Solar-powered iPhone/iPod portable speaker dock 544px
(image credit: ETON) ETON Soulra | US$tbc | etoncorp.com

if you are a green gadget fan, you probably would be excited that you can now enjoy amplified music from your iPhone or iPod in a green way. this radiator like item charges with the sun light and disperse your music via it’s 11w full-range drivers speakers. in case you are out of juice, it has an AC power input. clad in a ruggedized casing, the Eton Soulra is splash proof, perfect for outdoor adventures. just be mindful that your iPhone/iPod isn’t splash proof. Continue reading Eton Soulra solar-powered iphone/ipod speaker dock

Scorpion multi-purpose solar-powered digital weather radio

Eton Corp Scorpion Digital Radio 544px
(credit: ETON) ETON Scorpion | US$tbc | etoncorp.com

this one is a must-have if you are an eco-conscious adventurer. if you only can have one gadget to survive the outdoor adventure, the Scorpion should be the one. let me try listing it’s features: digital AM/FM radio tuner, aluminum carabiner, LED flash light, bottle opener, USB for charging your mobile phone, NOAA weather band, all these house in a splash-proof rugged exterior case. sweet? asides from water and food, this could be the one thing you have to bring in your outdoor adventure. no worries if there’s no sunlight, it has a crank-powered to give you the power you will need. how’s that for an eco-friendly gadget? Continue reading Scorpion multi-purpose solar-powered digital weather radio