In Japan, You Will Have A Chance To Win A 50cc Evangelion Scooter

The promotion for the long awaited new Evangelion movie has been nothing short of relentless. There’s a bunch of them, including canned coffee, turning a resort town into Tokyo-3, apparels for ladies, a new mobile game, and more. And now even Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is on the Evangelion hype train.

Here’s How To Win The Classic 427 Superformance Cobra From The Movie Ford v Ferrari

If you want to score what possibly could be the biggest movie memorabilia you will ever get your hands on, then you will want to read this. Cobra Experience museum is hosting a fundraising sweepstakes in which it will give away a classic 427 Superformance Cobra used in the film Ford v Ferrari.

Here’s How To Get The Not-For-Sale Logitech G x Battlefield V Gaming Gear

I have this thing for purple hued gadgets. Actually, no. I never knew purple would look this rad on gadgets, specifically on mouse, keyboard and headphones, until now. Needless to say, I immediately fell head over heels over these Logitech G x Battlefield V Gaming Gear. Logitech G has partnered with DICE and Electronic Arts …

Here’s Your Golden Chance To Win Free McDonald’s Meal For Life

Do you love McDonald’s? Of course, you do. And if you don’t, I am sure you won’t say no to free McDonald’s for life, right? Seriously, who will say no to free food? But you know what they say about “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” So, if you want free McDonald’s …

Truffol Signature Cases for iPhone 5

true iPhone purists would prefer their iPhones to take the exhibitionist stand i.e. going naked, but we all know that’s not without the risks. then again, typical plastic cases are anything but inspiring. decision. decision. decision. it’s either you open the phone to risk, or mar its look. however, that won’t be the case with the Truffol Signature Cases for iPhone 5.

Star Wars Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

black has always been the color for PC gamers but would you trade-in the black for something that’s non-traditional to the PC gaming world? like this silver-colored Star Wars Razer Blade Gaming Laptop that’s reportedly valued over 15 grand? don’t fall off your chair yet, cos’ you don’t need to be shelling that bank account-crunching amount to own it…