Here’s The First Look Of The 2020 Toyota Supra That Shouldn’t Be Seeing

Here’s the first look of the 2020 Toyota Supra you shouldn’t be seeing and we have Toyota Mexico to thank that we are seeing it ahead of its global reveal. Apparently, last week (January 11), Toyota Mexico accidentally tweeted a video of the supercar which was supposed to make its debut at the North America […]

Toyota Is Selling Toyota Supra-inspired Camo Wrap Wrapping Paper

Disguising prototype cars has come a long way. It has evolved from draping the car with black cover to now what is known as “camo wrap” – all in the name of preventing the car from being immediately recognizable before its big reveal. You know, for the sake keeping competitions’ nose out and also for […]

This V8-Powered Super GT Prius Has Sweet Growl And Looks Fabulous

Toyota Prius is never associated with being fast, or even look fast or mean (except for THIS and THIS). Unbeknownst to us though, there is actually a Prius that actually looks fast, goes fast, and sound really, really mean. We are talking about the Toyota Prius GT300 Race Car, specifically the one destined for Super […]

This Toyota Prius Has An M61 Vulcan Cannon Because, Why Not?

In a post-apocalypse world, everything should be in a chaos and as such, going clean and green is the last thing anyone will ever thing about. However, that does not mean you can’t. You can, in the event you survive the apocalypse, do what Black Rifle Coffee Company did: turn an eco-friendly Toyota Prius into […]

Toyota Supra Is Getting Into NASCAR With This Xfinity Supra

It looks like Toyota is very determined to make the comeback of its iconic supercar, Toyota Supra, heard. Well, at least, it is in stateside where the Japanese automaker has unveiled a Toyota Supra race car for NASCAR Xfinity Series. Called the Toyota Xfinity Supra, it will make its track debut at the NXS race […]

Toyota Unveiled A Life-size 500,000 Bricks LEGO Camry

Here’s another real-life car that have gotten the LEGO treatment. If you haven’t already notice, that’s a Toyota Camry right there. But why Camry? We have no clue why Camry was chosen among the so many models the Japanese automaker has in its lineup. A promotion of this rather popular model in Australia, I supposed. […]

Holy Smoke! The Legend Lives. The Toyota Supra Is Making A Comeback!

When Toyota decided to split up its Toyota Celica Supra, it was probably the best decision. Unfortunately, as awesome the move was, the Supra moniker did not last. It ended with the JZA80 model, Toyota’s most powerful production model, after 16 years (or nearly 25 years, and four generations, if you count the Celica-Supra era). […]

Toyota GR HV SPORTS Can Switch Between Auto And H-Gate Manual Shift At The Press Of A Button

What see here is NOT a Ferrari, although I do find it bearing an uncanny resemblance with one of the Prancing Horse marque’s exotic ride. This is the Toyota GR HV SPORTS Concept Car, a sports car which you can enjoy without bearing all the guilt of tainting the air because, hybrid. Yeah, it is […]

If Bruce Wayne Ever Went Broke, This Will Probably Be His Crimefighting Ride

Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, always gets the best gadgets and rides money can buy, and therefore, to think that the billionaire masked crimefighter will use a Toyota Camry as his ride of choice when he go about kicking baddies’ ass is nothing less than absurd. Seriously, Joker will probably die laughing. However, if he ever […]

‘High Performance Derivative’ Of The 2017 Toyota Yaris Looks Kinda Hot!

Toyota Yaris is all youthful and fun, but it is never a ride closely associated with high performance and that’s probably because it isn’t, or at least it never is in most parts of the world that gets this cute little hatch from Toyota. However, in Europe, 2017 Toyota Yaris may not as tame as […]