Vision URBANETIC Is Mercedes-Benz’s Bold Vision Of Future Mobility

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a super cool urban mobility concept called Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC. Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC is essentially a platform described as a “completely new mobility concept for on-demand, efficient, comfortable and sustainable mobility.” So yeah, it is bus/van, alright and it, being a ride of the future, is electric drive and it is also […]

Things Can Get Really Bizarre If Luxury Car Brands Made Camper Vans

SUV has been around for ages, but it is until recent years, luxury car brands began diving into the SUV segment. Looking at the trend, these luxury marques could be making MPV, AKA minivan, soon. Or maybe not. But one thing I am sure is, brands like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maybach and the likes won’t be […]

UPS’ New Fleet Of Electric Vans Look Something Straight Out Of Cartoons

As part of its sustainability initiatives, UPS revealed that it is working with UK-based tech firm, Arrival, to developed a fleet of electric vehicles to be trialed in London and Paris. This pilot fleet of 35 electric delivery vans (or trucks, as they are commonly referenced to as in Stateside) are lightweight composite vehicles that […]

New Trigano Transit-based Campers Boasts Bespoke Mods By Ford

France’s motorhomes maker Trigano has announced a new motorhome, AKA camper AKA caravan. Not only did Trigano Group based the camper on a Ford Transit van when creating the Randger 560, but it also managed to get the blessing from the more-than-a-century old American automobile maker by the way of a new, extended five-year warranty […]

Winnebago Revel Could Be the Ultimate Sprinter-based Camper

Winnebago, the recreation vehicle maker who is better known for crazy-sized RV that can’t go beyond paved roads, now has one that will delight fans of wilderness. Now, we do not want to question Winnebago’s experience here with regards to off-roading experience, but the spanking new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Revel is quite a looker and it […]

Citroën HY Tribute Van, Type H 70th Anniversary Van Goes On Sale

Independent car builder Fabrizio and designer David Obendorfer have come together to create a beautiful van that pays tribute to legendary car designer Flaminio Bertoni and the man’s iconic Citroën HY introduced 70 years ago. This modern interpretation of this iconic panel van comes as a complete car kit and developed on the Citroën Jumper […]

Mercedes-Benz’s Future Delivery Vans Will Have Drones To Aid In Deliveries

Before robots come knocking on your door to deliver your parcel, we would probably see drones doing the job. However, unlike Amazon’s bold ambition, Mercedes-Benz joins force with Matternet to explore the concept of combining both traditional man-to-door delivery using a van with drones. Of course, the van here we are talking about isn’t your […]

VW’s BUDD-e Concept Bus Is More Like Internet Of Things On Wheels

It seems like every automaker has flocked to the world’s biggest consumer electronic show to showoff their “tech-centric” vehicles. Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen is no exception, or should we say a must after the emission fiasco? Understandably, VW has an electric vehicle in tow for this year’s CES and it is called BUDD-e. Well, it’s a bus, […]

That’s No M2, It Is BMW’s First People Mover, the 2 Series Gran Tourer

So you think BMW has covered all possible segments in the auto market? Think again. All this while, it have been missing out on one segment which marques like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen have long covered. Don’t know what it is? It’s MPV, or more correctly, a minivan, as it is known in the States that we’re […]

Toyota Has an Urban Utility Concept Car and It Looks Super Awesome

when it comes to concept cars, most automakers will be busy churning out exotic examples, but not for Toyota. at least not this time. the Japanese automaker’s Calty Design Research has a chic new concept and it is a cargo van. dubbed Toyota Urban Utility Concept Car or U2 (i.e. U-square), it is inspired by […]