The Nissan e-NV200 Combi is not the prettiest by any van standards. It is, however, a practical daily driver that carries more than just a few people and has a ridiculous amount of cargo space. As it turns out, it is more than just a van; it could be a good camper too as demonstrated by Nissan UK with the Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper Concept.

Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper Concept

The e-NV200 is outfitted with a host of lifestyle and technical upgrades, turning it into a winter expedition vehicle. Perfect for hitting the wild during the harsh, cold winter and away from coronavirus and people who may harbor it. Nah. Just kidding. It is good for getting out there and be away from all the nonsense that is happening around us and reconnect with the nature and exploring the great outdoors.

Nissan said its concept camper offers “an optimized blend of driving performance and range, boasting a range of amenities including, believe it or not, an integrated kitchen, with fridge, folding beds and an onboard 220V power pack that can be recharged by a roof-mounted solar panel.

Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper Concept

The vehicle is tuned for off-road conditions too, allowing it to better handle the difficult road surfaces. For examples, it rolls on premium off-road tires and has increased ride height for optimum traction and ground clearance in mud or snow, while 5400 lumens twin spotlights provide maximum visibility.

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The vehicle is also equipped with bunch of Nissan Original Accessories, including front and rear mudguards, door-entry guards, side bars and rubber mats.

Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper Concept

It all sound good, but personally, I wouldn’t trust an EV be out in the wild unless there is a power bank for EV. Just saying…

Images: Nissan [UK].

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