Google Wants You To Find Carmen Sandiego On Google Earth

Well, what do you know? Google actually wants you to find Carmen Sandiego who is lurking around Google Earth in a new Google Earth-based game. And yes, there are games on Google Earth. Well, sometimes they do. What’s the purpose, you ask? I have absolutely no idea. Marketing, perhaps? Anywho… if you did not grew […]

Google’s New Gaming Platform Could End All Existing Gaming Platforms

It is safe to say most modern people’s life revolves around Google. We rely on Google to get to places. We turn to Google for information. We get entertained by it too. The list just go on and on. Thank goodness that they have sold the robotic company to Softbank, if not we would be […]

Tennis Esport Returns For Second Edition And Yes, It Is A Thing

If you haven’t already heard, Tennis esport is a thing. In fact, it is more than a thing. It even has a gaming tournament that is now on its second edition. Roland Garros, BNP Paribas and BIGBEN have announced the second edition of the Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas, which will see competitive esport athletes […]

Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros From The 80s Sold At $100K

Never in the world would I have imagined one day video games would become collectibles, much less appreciate in value, when I started gaming three decades ago, but here we are, reading about how a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros was sold for a stratospheric amount of $100,150. That right there is a six […]

New VR Experience Turns You Into A Terminator To Fight SkyNet

Remember the Aliens-themed VR experience? Well, here’s another, but this time, it is Terminator themed by Cinemark and SPACES. The brand-new, multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) SPACES Center at Cinemark’s Century 20 Oakridge and XD theater in San Jose, California, opens its doors to the public on February 8, 2019. Terminator VR Experience is a mixed-reality […]

Overwatch Reinhardt Is Getting Chinese Medieval Hero, Guan Yu, Skin

China’s influence over the video game market is a force to reckon with. Why we say that? Because, even game developers cannot resist cashing in on the upcoming Lunar New Year (AKA Chinese New Year) – a major event among Chinese, regardless of their creed or religion. Case in point: Overwatch Guan Yu Reinhardt Skin. […]

Oh Look, There’s A New Power Rangers Fighting Gaming Your Way

Power Rangers fans, get your Arcade Stick ready because, a new Power Rangers fighting game is coming your way. Coming from developer nWay is a new brand new Power Rangers fighting game called Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Described as a modern take on the 25-year-old […]

LEGO Extends Playability Of Its LEGO Sets With Augmented Reality

Kids get bored with toys fairly quickly. That is an inevitable fact that LEGO prefer not to happen and hence, the LEGO AR Playgrounds iOS App. AR here is, of course, augmented reality. Leveraging on Apple’s ARKit technology to detect a real physical LEGO set, bringing it to life with special effects, animations, and interactive […]

Command & Conquer: Rivals Officially Available Now For Android And iOS

Command & Conquer first started in 1995 by the now defunct Westwood Studios can be described as the defining game of the real-time strategy (RTS) genre. Its existence never fade through the years, or at least not until 2012. In an age where mobile gaming is where the money is, it is a surprise that […]

I Can’t Believe There Is A Simulator That Lets You Take On The Role Of A Thief

Since after 2000, simulation video games have moved past traditional domains like airplanes, boats, cars, and population management. There are all sort of simulators today, ranging from training to be a doctor to flipping houses to putting yourself in the cloven hoofs of a goat that basically go around head butting unsuspecting people and spoiling […]