Over-The-Air, True Wireless Charging Smartphone Case Is Here… Well, Almost

Wouldn’t it be nice if we never have to worry about charging our phone, or charging anything at all for that matter? Well, you know what? The future is looking pretty bright with regard to this charging matter because, Ossia has teamed up with phone accessory maker Spigen to unveil a true wireless charging smartphone […]

Targus Has An Interesting Backpack That Has Wireless Charging Built-in

Targus has been a laptop bag maker for as long as I can remember. Despite so, it is just another gadget accessories maker, well, that’s until now… The Californian company has brought to CES 2019 a very interesting backpack called Targus Mobile VIP+ Backpack that has a built-in battery and a Qi wireless charging cradle […]

Forget Qi, Wi-Charge Long Distance Wireless Charging Is The Future

Imagine a world where electronic gadgets never need to be charged. Imagine products like smart lock or IP camera that never need battery change. Imagine stepping into a room and placing your smartphone on the table, and it gets charged. I know right. It sure sounds far too sci-fi-ish. But what do you know? It […]

This Unknown Device Takes Wireless Charging To The Magical Realm

If time traveling is possible and if you were to transport a person from medieval age to today, he or she would think wireless charging technology and smartphone are some kind of magic. Possibly dark magic. He or she would be in awe and wary. Well, you know what? It might very well be, if […]

This Super Thin Wireless Charging Pad Aims To Integrate With Your Home

Lets get real. Not everyone has money to drop for furniture that wirelessly charges your gadgets. Similarly, not everyone has the technical skills to DIY a table that does wireless charging. With all that said, it does not mean you are left without a solution. There is and it is called V-Juice. The name itself […]

Logitech Now Has A Wireless Charging Stand Designed With Apple

Still in the market for a worthy wireless charging stand for your gorgeous Apple smartphones? Here’s one from Logitech, called POWERED iPhone Wireless Charging Stand, that may just be worthy of your consideration. Why? Because, Apple. The Swiss computer and mobile accessories maker has teamed up with the Cupertino tech giant to create this minimalistic […]

This $19 Case Adds Wireless Charging To AirPods Before Apple Does

It is said Apple will add wireless charging to Apple AirPods, but it will probably leave existing users in the cold. Fret not though, here’s another gadget accessory, called AirPlus from HiQ, that will add wireless charging to your current Apple AirPods. Getting started is as simple as slipping AirPlus on. Like the PowerPod case […]

Meet The First In-Wall Charger, The Legrand radiant Wireless Charger

Wireless charging, unlike traditional outlet or USB charging, is not exactly in-wall-friendly, but that does not stop French outlet and switch maker Legrand from introducing the first-to-market in-wall wireless charger. Dubbed radiant, it holds and charges any Qi wireless-enabled wireless charging smartphone. Now, wireless charging pad is so called because, it needs to be lie […]

ONYXX Is The First Wireless Charger That Isn’t Afraid Of The Great Outdoor

Outdoor and wireless charging are like water and oil. They don’t mix, but not if CheeNYC can help it. The young Qi product design company has created a new wireless charger that beckons you to bring it along to any activity. Called ONYXX, it is the first wireless charger and power bank designed for outdoors […]

Boltron Adds Wireless Charging To Your Car Without Looking Hideous

Personally, I am not a fan of having a phone charging cradle in the car. I think it spoils the beautiful interior of the car and makes the car too much like an Uber ride. No offense to Lyft or Uber drivers, though. But the Boltron may just change my mind. May. Boltron, while sounding […]