Evangelion x Casetify Collection

Fans of Evangelion will not want to miss the first-ever collaboration between Evangelion and gadget accessories maker Casetify. Dubbed the PROJECT CSTF: PROTECTION from IMPACT, the Evangelion x Casetify Collection features products that are unlike anything we have seen in the past.

Evangelion x Casetify Collection

In addition to the usual phone cases, watch bands, et cetera, the collection includes an Evangelion Test Type-01 Collectible AirPods Pro Case, an Evangelion Umbilical Cable Magnetic Wireless Charger, an Evangelion Charging Dock (with Umbilical Cable Magnetic Wireless Charger), and Evangelion Rope Phone Strap.

Keep going for the brief descriptions of the aforementioned products.

Evangelion Test Type-01 Collectible AirPods Pro Case (Pro 1/Pro 2)

This super chunky case consists of two parts: an outer case in the form of EVA Unit-01’s head sculpt, completed with a carabiner for attaching it to your bag or whatnot, and an inner case that can be removed to bring it to wherever you may go.

The head sculpt case is recommended for desktop use and it is also recommended that users take care when using it to prevent color transfer, scratch, and breakage. The inner case is on the extreme spectrum; it has 6 feet of drop protection.

Only the inner case offers charging port access and works with wireless charging. This means you will have to remove the inner case from the head sculpt for charging.

This collectible Evangelion AirPods Pro case does not come cheap. It will run you back at a cool US$165.90, which is possibly the most expensive AirPods Pro case we have ever seen.

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Evangelion x Casetify Collection

Evangelion Umbilical Cable Magnetic Wireless Charger

This is a MagSafe charger with a charging surface decorated with the computer warning messages we saw so many times in the series and films. But that’s not the highlight; the star here is the cable.

Where the cable meets the MagSafe puck is a connector in the shape of the umbilical cord’s plug. Very, very cool. I wouldn’t say the entire cable section is the umbilical cord because the cable is braided which kind of breaks the illusion.

The Eva-themed MagSafe charger will sell for US$69.90 when it becomes available on July 19.

Evangelion x Casetify Collection

Evangelion Charging Dock (with Umbilical Cable Magnetic Wireless Charger)

This charging stand is a must-have for serious fans. It is presented in the form of Evangelion’s mobile ejection stand. A wireless charger is specially designed to represent an umbilical cord and the plug is installed on the ejection stand.

It is compatible with the MagSafe case. The wireless charger is attached to the stand using removable nano adhesive technology.

The collectible charging dock is also not cheap but not overly ridiculous considering what it is (a collectible mobile ejection stand and a wireless charger). It has an asking price of US$169.90.

Evangelion Rope Phone Strap

It is a chunky rope that can be used with your Evangelion cases. It is a neck strap in the color of EVA Unit-01 and features a badge engraved with the EVA Unit-01 emblem.

Considering what it is – a rope – this phone strap could be the priciest with an asking price of US$69.90.

The Evangelion x Casetify Collection will go on sale on July 20, 2023, at 12 AM Pacific Time with Priority Access on July 19, 2023, at 9 PM Pacific Time.

Evangelion x Casetify Collection
Evangelion x Casetify Collection

Images: Casetify.