KLYP for iPhone by Manfrotto

KLYP case with ML240 LED light by Manfrotto
SmartDevices SmartQ U7 Tablet | from US$34.99 | www.manfrotto.us

iPhone 5 may be out but that doesn’t stop millions of iPhone 4 or 4S users (like yours truly here) from continuing to shoot with our ‘older’ devices and we foresee that we will be doing so for a quite a while. if you consider yourself as more than just an avid iPhonegrapher, then we think these new accessories from renown camera accessories maker, Manfrotto should tickles your wallet. dubbed simply as KLYP (MCKLYP0, US$34.99), in its base form, it is essentially a two piece iPhone case that not offers protection to your still lovely old phone but bless your iPhone with a standard 1/4″ thread for tripod mount and a standard flash shoe for mounting Manfrotto LED light. Manfrotto is offering the KLYP in a few ‘combo’ packages including KLYP case with ML120 LED light (MKL120KLYP0, $79.90), KLYP case with ML120 LED light and Pocket tripod (MKPL120KLYP0, $99.99), KLYP case with ML240 LED light (MKLKLYP0, $110.99), and KLYP case with both the ML240 LED light and Pocket tripod (MKPLKLYP0, $129.99). other features of the case itself includes soft felt insert to protect your phone, four points for attaching tripods and additional lighting, unique clip and rail system for secure fit, and a smooth, soft-touch coating for the quality appearance. learn more about KLYP for iPhone by Manfrotto HERE. hit past the jump for a small gallery and a product intro video.

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