Power Idolz E.T. Wireless Charging Dock

There are sleek wireless charging pads and there is the Power Idolz Wireless Charging Docks by Numskull. Power Idolz is a line of wireless charging stand designed to look like a fixed posed figure, except that it has a VHS or game cartridge – complete with accurate box art – for the torso and head which is also the charging surface.

Power Idolz E.T. Wireless Charging Dock

The latest to join this functional and fun gadget that oozes with nostalgia vibe is another icon from the 80s: Steve Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. The smartphone stand/wireless charging dock mimics a fixed pose E.T. figure, with stumpy legs and length hands, but it has a “copy” of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial VHS tape body/charging surface, instead of a torso and head.

In addition to the round base with a light-up LED which the rest of the wireless charging docks in the lineup have, this E.T. version has a LED light-up fingertip when charging, mimicking the glowing fingertip as seen in the movie. And no, this version of the glowing fingertip will not heal anything.

The Power Idolz E.T. Wireless Charging Dock is available for pre-order now from Justgeek.com, priced at US$49.99 a pop.

Images: Numskull.