Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker Reproduces Audio Wirelessly without Bluetooth or WiFi

So how does a speaker works wirelessly without Bluetooth or built-in WiFi? Well, the magic behind Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker is electromagnetic induction (yes. they are the same folks who brought you the e-ink smartphone cover), where all you need to do is to place your music-playing smartphone on the induction pad and Bento will […]

AxiomAir – Modern Day BoomBox Cuts the Cable without Compromising on Audio Quality

Single user, low-powered, and low-fidelity are common among today’s portable speakers and even if they are not, they are likely to cost an arm or a leg, or maybe both. It seems like music lovers’ fate is pretty much sealed; it is either you pay big money for high-quality audio or relegated yourself to your […]

Definitive Technology’s Wireless Music System, W7, Now Comes in White

When it comes to home decor, audio equipment, like the rest of the home entertainment system, almost always comes as an afterthought. Why? Because it is obvious that you can’t design the interior based around gadgets that could be obsolete pretty quickly. The solution is simple: get the gadgets to fit your home and in […]

This Futuristic Wireless Speaker Will Pour Out Omnidirectional, 3D Sound into Your Room

It may look like a deadly projectile of a howitzer of the future, but instead of obliterating landscapes, this futuristic wireless audio system, called ARCHT Audio, pushes out omnidirectional high-fidelity audio, in three dimensions that will fill your entire room with superbly engineered audio reproduction. Its unique shape is stemmed from a proprietary technology developed […]

Tubecore Duo Expands Beyond Wireless Audio Streaming, Lets You Play Steam Games Too

Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System distinguishes itself as a capable tube-powered wireless speaker, but their latest DUO has little more to offer than blissful audio reproduction. with the new DUO, it now boasts integration with Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC), supporting up to Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Graphics HD 5000 GPU, […]

This Beautiful High-end Tube Amplifier is Also a Sound Dock for Both iOS and Android Phones

tube amp is definitely not new and so is sound dock. in fact, the latter is a little passe these days if you ask us, but that won’t be the case with the Lampion High-end Tube Amplifier + Sound Dock designed by Stefan Radev for a Danish start-up. sound dock by itself is, as said, […]

Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System

the market is no shortage of good looking wireless speakers, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that could be described as an all-rounder. lucky for you, the Tubecore Duo Intelligent Home Audio System happens to be one that fits the ‘all-rounder’ bill. we can’t deny the fact that this hardwood cabinet enclosed audio system is an absolute…

Sony SRS-X9 Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker

there is a distinct difference between audiophile-grade speakers and other ‘regular’ consumer electronics, and through the years, giants like Sony were never in the former territory, let alone be remotely associated with the name ‘audiophile’. we could go to length to explain why so and ended up with a book on this topic but we are not…

Soundwall Turns Hanging Art Into Wireless Speakers

some people like to flaunt their speakers, but there are also some who prefer to hear and not to see them. in the past, we are resigned to getting the skinniest or the flattest or even go the transparent route in order not to see these sound reproduction devices, but Soundwall has…

bēm Wireless Speaker Band

what you see here is the bēm Wireless Speaker Band, a Bluetooth speaker that takes portability to a whole new level by slapping it on your wrist like a watch. the Speaker Band is not only the most portable speaker in the bēm’s lineup to date, but possibly the most portable in the market.