Bang & Olufsen Contrast Collection 2020

If you are a person who appreciate great sound, but fear the presence of audio equipment will mar your interior decor, well then, Bang & Olufsen Contrast Collection might just be the answer.

Obviously, this being Bang & Olufsen, part of the requisite to this artsy audio enjoyment would require you to have some pretty serious financial muscle. But more on that in a moment.

Bang & Olufsen Contrast Collection 2020

This limited eight-piece collection was created in collaboration with Danish design studio Norm Architects, and it is described as “an exploration of material combinations and tactile surfaces – between minimal and expressive, rough and smooth, light and dark, silence and loudness, harmony and noise – celebrating the shared curiosity and craftsmanship between the two brands using material tensions that intrigue and excite.”

I don’t want to pretend that I understand any of that. I only know that the collection is eye-pleasing and audio quality is assured because, B&O. In addition to the colors, the collection also features a new sound transparent wool fabric.

Bang & Olufsen Contrast Collection 2020

The Bang & Olufsen Contrast Collection comprises of eight of Bang & Olufsen’s most popular speakers and wireless headphones:

• Beoplay A1 (RRP EUR 250 / USD 250 / CNY 1,898) – Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with a premium brushed aluminum grill and mottled tactile base. Contrast Collection colors: Natural Brushed.
• Beoplay H9 (RRP EUR 500 / USD 500 / CNY 3,898) – Premium wireless ANC headphones with a minimalist soft touch feel and a subtle, mottled concrete look on the housing. Contrast Collection colors: Grey Mist and Anthracite.
• Beoplay A9 (RRP EUR 2,750 / USD 3,250 / CNY 21,880) – Wireless, iconic design speaker with an anodized dark metal frame and light fabric to integrate into any home. Contrast Collection colors: Anthracite.
• Beosound Stage (RRP EUR 1,650 / USD 1,900 / CNY 12,580) – Powerful soundbar that enhances your TV experience with rich and durable textile fabric with linear elements and an emphasized horizontal weave. Contrast Collection colors: Anthracite.
• Beosound Shape (Grey Define & Dark Grey Define: RRP EUR 250 / USD 275 / CNY 1,900 (2 pieces), Wooden tile: RRP EUR 600 / USD 700 / CNY 4,998 (2 pieces)) – Modular speaker system with a horizontal weave in two color ways that compliments the dark oak panel. Contrast Collection colors: Grey Define, Dark Grey Define, Wooden tile (Dark Oak).
• Beosound Edge (RRP EUR 3,600 / USD 3,800 / CNY 26,980) – Compact and powerful wireless speaker with thin, matte aluminum for elegance and wool mixed with viscose fabric for strength and durability. Contrast Collection colors: Anthracite.
• Beosound 1 (RRP EUR 1,650 / USD 1,900 / CNY 12,680) – Portable smart speaker uniquely treated with sandblasted effect for soft minimalistic feel that invites the touch. Contrast Collection colors: Anthracite.
• Beosound 2 (RRP EUR 2,200 / USD 2,500 / CNY 16,980) – Powerful speaker system with anodized aluminum and strong contrasts to allow the brush lines to be visible. Contrast Collection colors: Natural Brushed.

Bang & Olufsen Contrast Collection is available now online, at select third-party retailers and at Bang & Olufsen stores.

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The pricing are as stated above and yes, they cost pretty penny. But damn, I wish I could afford that sweet sound bar.

All images courtesy of Bang & Olufsen.