Muzo Vibration Monitoring System

Tech heads should totally check this out. Remember the Cone of Silence from Get Smart? Never mind if its the movie remake or the original TV series, that tech has arrived, well, almost. The Muzo Vibration Monitoring System works much like the Cone of Silence that could kind of prevent people from eavesdropping on your conversation and get rid of annoying noises so you can chat with your friend with less disturbance in a busy coffeeshop. A combination of anti-vibration technology and Billionsound Technology minimizes vibration and drowning out sound that may disturb you, or masking your conversation to prevent others from hearing it.

Muzo Vibration Monitoring System

Three modes are offered: Serenity for removing disturbances, Sleep which comes with smoothing music to coat you sleep, and Secret that provides a sound mask that help keep your conversation private. Muzo sure sounds like science-friction, but let me assure you it is not. The only question is: will it live up to promise and become the real-life Cone of Silence. Or maybe not, as one Facebook user commented:

“I think people should understand that this device would only be able to block out sounds equal to the amount of energy that this device would be able to output in the form of a ‘counter wave’. Meaning that it would probably only work against sounds that are already of the low energy type (high frequencies for example). So it won’t help against. let’s say low frequency sounds that of loud cars, your neighbours subwoofer, loud talking and so on. Any device that uses the principle of blocking energy with energy (and that’s what this thing basically does, pushing waves back with other waves) should have enough power to do so….

and it uses 2 AA li-ion batteries and a tiny speaker. Even it is does output 10 watts RMS (which it doesn’t since the battery life would never be 20 hours) it would not be enough to cancel out sounds from the environment effectively. That’s why the only devices of this kind we still see today are noise canceling headsets that require far less energy and still are useless against loud low frequency sounds.”

Ok, maybe it is not the perfect Cone of Silence, but neither was the remake big screen’s or the original TV series’. So, now that we know that it will somehow work, the only question left is: how effective it is. Could it cover 90% of the disturbance? 80%? Or what? Regardless, it is clear that such device is in demand as proven by Muzo’s Kickstarter campaign that concluded with nearly 3,000 backers and more than half a million in funding.

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If you missed it, but would like to give Muzo a go, you can still pre-order it over on Indiegogo, priced at $159 a pop. However, do note that silence won’t be a blessing until April 2017.

Indiegogo via Viral Thread