You know what’s the most brilliant to happen in the world of shopping bags? THIS. A LEGO shopping bag with a pair of hands from LEGO minifigs integrated to it. Little is known about this wonderful creation, but one thing for sure, LEGO did not created this. According to our source, it was the work of art of a design student who hailed from New York’s School of Visual Art.

LEGO Minifig Hands Shopping Bag

The bag, as you can see, looks like any LEGO paper bag with the usual studs print design in red but what makes this bag so interesting is the faux slot handle and the two minifig hands that appear to be holding the bag – one on each side. Hidden away from view are two actual cloth string handles positioned in such a manner that, when carried, appears that you have LEGO hands.

Ok, maybe that’s a little creepy. However so, it is still a brilliant creation. It is rather cruel as it appears this is something LEGO fans would want but not available. We have reasons to believe this is the one and only piece and also it is probably not available in exchange for your money.

LEGO Minifig Hands Shopping Bag

Images via Adeevee edited by Mikeshouts.

via indy100

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