When the Halloween is out due to the pandemic, who are you going to call? Well, you probably want to call on The Haunted Candy Hunt, an augmented reality game. Anyone with a smartphone can go about hunting for candy, ghosts and more in the comfort of their home in this new Web AR game by Trigger and powered by 8th Wall.

Trick-or-treat can never be safer with this augmented reality game. Using your smartphone, you can log onto GhostHuntnTrap.com to search for the famed 1980s ghost Slimer from the classic Ghostbusters movie, as well as a never before seen character created exclusively for the game, Sweeter the Ferrara Candy Ghost.

This exclusive ghost character is, btw, made in collaboration with candy maker Ferrara and Sony Pictures. Now, that’s a pretty clever marketing move in a time where candy sales is expected to slow due to the cancellation of Halloween in many part of the country. Here’s what the game is about:

“Dual game mechanics to catch the ghosts and then trap them in a proton pack makes the gameplay more dynamic and interactive, and has never been done before on 8th Wall. The campaign uses “text to begin” giving users access to the game URL via a text. An intentional pivot from QR codes, text to begin encourages people to play and engage with the brand/sweepstakes while they’re at home. This is the first 8th Wall campaign that uses ‘Text to begin.’”

Unfortunately, it appears that the The Haunted Candy Hunt augmented reality game is available only available in the U.S.

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Images: Trigger – The Mixed Reality Agency.

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