The Last Bugatti Racing Cars Book

Here’s a book that no Bugatti fans should live without. Called The Last Bugatti Racing Cars, this 300-page hardcover coffee table book is the first ever book dedicated to the modern legendary car, the Bugatti EB110.

The book features previously unreleased documents as well as new findings about the whole Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. saga and it further packs meticulously researched data, over 350 photographs from the factory’s archives, and a wealth of historic documentation.

“Thanks to this research, it has for the first time been possible to describe the design and development of Bugatti’s last two factory racing cars – hence the book, written in English, focuses on these two EB110 vehicles, the final, official Bugatti racing cars, a story within the story of the celebrated EB110.”

While well known, the history of the Bugatti EB110 racing cars has never been fully explained, well, that’s until now. With this book, you can finally be the super fan as you have always thought you are. Besides, who can ignore the fact the book has a super dope cover? Oh? Only me? Never mind then…

There are, altogether, three editions of The Last Bugatti Racing Cars. There is the IMSA Edition with a silver cover, the Le Mans Edition with blue cover and the super exclusive (read: super expensive) leather-wrapped Publishers’ Edition which is signed by “crucial protagonists of the Campogalliano saga.”

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There are only 35 copies of the Publishers’ Edition to go around while the IMSA Edition and the Le Mans Edition are limited to 110 copies each. The super exclusive Publishers’ Edition is, naturally, not cheap.

You are looking at a grand 1,100 euros (around US$1,211) a pop. But if that’s too much for your pocket (but you drive a Bugatti, don’t you?), the IMSA and Le Mans Editions sell for a ‘slightly wallet-friendly’ 459 euros (about US$505).

The Last Bugatti Racing Cars is available to order from

Images: Hortons Books.