The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels

The Mark Brothers : Cable Labels
(photos: Mocha UK) The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels | £7.50 |

the world is plagued with too many cables. cables for your set top box, TV, BluRay player, computers, multimedia speakers and the list goes on. more often than not, these cables end up in one or two locations, which makes disconnecting them a hair-pulling experience – cos’ we probably forget which plug leads to what. instead of shutting all down and taking the trial-and-error disconnecting routine, why not employ these little guys to help you out? and by ‘these little guys’ we meant the The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels. unlike the typical labels that stick to and become part of your cables, these red acrobatic figures mark your cables prominently and its cute round label offers you enough real estate to indicate which cable leads to what device. well, what can we say? it is simple things like these that makes life a whole lot organized. the The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels cost £7.50 (about US$11.99) for a pack of five little men and is available through Mocha UK.

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