iCog Hades iPad Case + Bluetooth Keyboard

iCog Hades iPad Case + Bluetooth Keyboard
(photos: Victorian Steampunk) iCog Hades iPad Case + Bluetooth Keyboard | US$424.00 | www.etsy.com

we don’t know the exact relation between Victoria era and the steampunk movement. whether is it frictional, a fantasy or whatever – we are not really bothered by it. one thing we are sure about this golden era is that famous folks like Charles Dickens, Ludwig van Beethoven, Louis Sullivan and among the many others, all hailed from around that era. so, if these pioneers were use tablets, it would probably look like your iPad clad in this beautiful iCog Hades iPad Case + Bluetooth Keyboard. handcrafted by John William Dunn, the iCog Hades comprises of an iPad bumper case and a matching Bluetooth keyboard, both fashioned from a combination of wood, brass and copper elements. the bumper case attached to the keyboard via hinges, turning your iPad into a Victorian-styled laptop, and when detached, the wood framing your iPad continue its duty as a wooden bumper case or sort. further strengthening its steampunk heritage, the back of the ‘bumper case’ is decorated with an intricate ‘boilerplate’, complete with pipings, gauges, plates detailed with copper elements. in short, the iCog Hades iPad Case + Bluetooth Keyboard is as steampunk as your iPad can be. though it is worthy to note that such exquisite taste doesn’t come cheap as it will set you back at $424 each.

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