TikTikTik is a desk lamp that turns off automatically

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(image credit: bitPlay) bitPlay TikTikTik | US$NA (concept) | bitplayinc.com

you know those time when you read yourself to sleep and forgot to switch off the desk lamp? or maybe, you are just plain forgetful and keeps forgetting to switch off the desk lamp before you goes into the dream land? well, bitPlay‘s concept lamp, dubbed the TikTikTik, is here to solve those ‘forgetting’ problem.

by pulling down the measuring tape-like device (bitPlay termed it as the ‘pull chain’), sets the time for the light to be on. thus, the further the chain is being pulled down, the lamp stays on for a longer period of time. simple. as time passes, the pull chain retracts as the countdown to switching off the lamp progresses. a few minutes before the timer runs out, the lamp dims and eventually switches off as it ends its countdown. sounds like fun and with practical application too. i want one but wait, i don’t actually has a bedside table. duh!

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