Treasure Wheels: an easier way to move (almost) anything

Treasure Wheels 544x428px
(credit: Yaeliv) Treasure Wheels | US$39.00 |

at the first glance, you might be wondering why does a clamp needs a pair of wheels? or rather why does the wheels has a clamp? novelty item, perhaps? absolutely not. the Treasure Wheels (yes, that’s what it is called) is in fact your best friend in moving. all you have to do is clamp these devices to anything you wish to move but too heavy to do so, and instantly bestow them with wheels. you can’t get any simpler than that. i like to use the word: ingenious. really. that’s what this $39 gadget is. unfortunately, the item is sold at the time of this posting. let’s just hope Yaeliv churn out more of this soon.
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