given a choice, most people wouldn’t want to tarnish the perfect sleekness of the iPhone 5, but sometimes, an uber sleek case with that fetching military look may proves too much to resist not to bulk that slim form factor a little. the TRIGGER Case Metal Bumper Case for iPhone 5 from Korean design firm, 4thdesign is one such example. the case features a dual protection system that comprises of a precision machined aluminum outer, anodized and sandblasted, and a highly elastic polymer lining on the inside. needless to say, the aluminum frame helps protect your precious 5 against the daily knocks and bumps, while the polymer lining within gives it an extra layer of protection against the shock resulting from those knocks and plus, it also insures that the beautiful aluminum won’t scratch your lovely handset while it is nested within.

unlike some metal cases in the market that requires some tinkering with a hex tool to get it installed, the TRIGGER Case Metal Bumper Case installation is completely tool-less. all you have to do is to unscrew (by hand) and lifting the hinged section, slide the phone in and swing back the hinged, screw it back and you are pretty much all set. honestly, this ease of installation kind of surprises us (in a pleasant way, of course) cos’ its complex appearance seems to suggest otherwise, which is obviously not the case here. watch the embedded video below to see how easy it is. as with any awesome iPhone case, the TRIGGER Case offers unobstructed access to all ports, as well as buttons. the case features integrated machined buttons for volume control and accessing the ring/silent switch, and it has a bonus hole machined through the hinged part that allows for looping up with lanyard or the likes.

if you ask us, we would say this is by far one of the most amazing case we have seen – but, as always, there’s a price to pay for such beauty – expect the TRIGGER Case Metal Bumper Case for iPhone 5 to set you back at $99 a pop. available in metallic silver or titanium gray. click through for a few more look.

4thdesign via Gadget Review

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