battery woes on smartphone are kind like a pesky problem that just don’t go away. it won’t disappear even if you have a battery case and that is why Gridcase developed the Reactor, the first ever iPhone 5 battery case with an integrated micro generator. yes. it is an iPhone case that gives your backup battery a backup power source when it too, ran out of juice. ask any power user, a regular battery case will run out of puff eventually, but the difference with the Reactor is, if that happens, it has a backup game plan: just flip up the handle and start cranking away its super thin 500mA micro generator to charge up your battery case’s built-in 400mAh boost battery, thereby giving your phone the much needed jolt of power even if there are no wall outlets in sight. and that’s all is to it, really – though, in exchange for that life-saving convenience, you will have to put in some manual work. but hey, if you are really low on battery, we bet you would do anything to revive the phone, wouldn’t you? the Reactor iPhone 5 Battery Case with Integrated Generator is not a concept, which means you could bag yourself one if Gridcase is able to achieve its $350,000 funding goal on alternative crowdfunding platform, Crowd Supply. brave early adopters (the first 10,000, to be exact) will get a chance to pre-order one for $99, while keen late backers will have pay up $129 for one. so if you want one, then head on to Gridcase’s Crowd Supply page and declare your allegiance. need further convincing? then let Jim Clark, the inventor of the Reactor for iPhone 5, walk you through how his invention could benefit you.

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Crowd Supply via Desire This

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