the most daunting task when starting out in learning guitar is perhaps tuning, but don’t that be the reason for you to give up, instead grab yourself a TronicalTune Automatic Guitar Tuner and let it do the talking, i mean tuning. i know, this thing is going to garner quite a bit of flaming from purists, but for beginners, this could be the difference between giving and continuing learning. lets face it: when we are just starting out, our ears are never conditioned to recognize all the different pitch and so, we think this device could really offer a big help in the learning process. retrofitted to the back of the headstock, this nifty device consists of a miniature low profile micro-controller and six motorized tuning pegs which replaces your axe’s stock pegs.

it features 18 different tunings, of which 12 are factory presets and 6 are user-programmable presets, and allows for multi-string and single-string tuning, as well as custom robotuning. once installed, all it takes is a push of the button and a strum, and the piezoelectric sensor, together with an artificial algorithm and servomotors will automatically tune your TronicalTune-equipped guitar to your desired preset. best of all, installation takes about ten minutes and without the aid of professional installer. apart from auto-tuning, this accessory also provides an easier way to attaching guitar strings and even has a self-winding mode built into it. a built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 300 tunings in between charges.

sounds like a dream come true for beginner guitar enthusiasts, but that dream does cost quite a bit. the TronicalTune Automatic Guitar Tuner will set you back at $329 and up, depending the finish of the pegs you fancy (three finishes are available, namely chrome, vintage pearl, and gold). see the TronicalTune in action in the embedded video below.

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