turn your iPad 2 into an oversized Game Boy-lookalike

Lootiful Game Boy-style iPad 2 case 544x388px
(credit: LOOTIFUL) LOOTIFUL Game Boy case for iPad 2 | US$tba | lootiful.com

still miss your old school Game Boy handheld? well, fret not my friend. LOOTIFUL, a Massachusetts-based company is offering cases that will make your iOS devices looks like a Game Boy. well, it will look like one from the back of the device. granted Game Boy-style case isn’t new for iPhone or even iPod Touch, but coming soon from LOOTIFUL is the Game Boy-style case for your iPad 2, simply dubbed iPWN!. if you love to pretend that your modern day iPad 2 is an old school handheld game machine (albeit, an oversized one), this is the case for you. however, there is no word on its price or the exact availability of the case at this point. the image you see above is a render of the would-be product. if you can’t wait for it, perhaps you can grab yourself a more ‘regular’ version for iPhone 4 which cost just $17.99 a pop.
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