Uber-cool crystallized Galaxy Tab for those who has deep pockets

Crystal Galaxy Tab 544px
(image credit: Micro Anvika) WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck | £2,669 | www.microanvika.com

Android-based tablets may not have the myriad of cases to choose from like the iOS devices. but if you have one chance to pimp up your Galaxy Tab, how about getting a £2,669 Galaxy Tab covered with 5,700 Swarovski crystals and top up with a logo done in Jet Hematite? in that way, you get your a Tab and not needing any case to go with it. it will be a shame to hide those bling, isn’t it?
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is the £2,000 plus extra worth the money for an electronic gadget that god knows, will last for how long? it is entirely up to your pockets. seriously, you gotta be super rich to be splurging on such as extravagant item which probably will be obsolete by end of next quarter. after which, you probably can put it up on display in some matching Swarovski crystals covered cabinet. of course, displaying the back of the Crystal Galaxy Tab.

the Crystal Galaxy Tab is available only from Micro Anvika at Harrods.

via Born Rich

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