unboxing video turns nasty – ninjas start jumping out of the video!

Ninja Unboxing 2 screenshot 544px
(credit: screenshot of YouTube page)

to be honest, i didn’t expect this. when i first saw the title, i thought cool, some new toy ninja being unboxed but it turns out to be more than that when the ninjas start to fight each other in the video, and out of the video, onto the (web)page itself. awesome! don’t get what i was saying? check out the video here. tell me you are impressed.

try replaying over a few times, it has a different ending each time the video is played. this gotta be the best video ever. totally cool.

PS: while you’re at it, check out the earlier video, entitled Ninja Unboxing (for Google Nexus One). it’s a pretty cool clip even though the ninjas don’t pop out of the video like this one did.


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