Ugomemo Senshi Anime on Nintendo 3DS

If you watch the trailer of an anime entitled Ugomemo Senshi (which translates to Flipnote Warrior), you’d think it was an official release by an anime maker in the 90s. Nope. It is not. Not only Flipnote Warrior was the home-brewed by one person, it was created entirely using a Nintendo 3DS and a free sketchpad app called Flipnote Studio 3D.

Ugomemo Senshi Anime on Nintendo 3DS

As you can see, even the anime’s title pays homage to the app that made the magic happens. Impressive. Perhaps, the notion of it being created on a 3DS may not sound all that brilliant, but man, I assure you that you will change your mind after you have watched the 3-minute trailer of the anime – even if you don’t understand a word of Japanese. The brainchild behind Ugomemo Senshi is YouTube user ミラーパネル3 (Mirror Panel 3).

Here’s what the story is about:

“The project tells the tale of Mome Kugou (whose name is a reversal of the syllables in “Ugoku Memo,” Flipnote’s Japanese-language title), an aspiring young illustrator who meets an adorable mystical creature that pops out of her 3DS, then becomes a magical warrior who fights to protect artists against sinister monsters. The cast also includes a character who has no problems just letting his junk hang out… and a cameo by someone who seems destined be nicknamed “handsome Hayao Miyazaki.”

Ugomemo Senshi Anime on Nintendo 3DS
Of course, the 3DS is part of the story.

The final and complete version of the Ugomemo Senshi will be released on December 4, 2020, and it will be a 34-minute long video, much like an actual anime episode.

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But before that can happen, Mirror Panel 3 needs a sound engineer to produce realistic sound effects. Anyone’s who is interested may touch base with him via Twitter. Meanwhile, here’s the aforementioned 3-minute video:

Images: YouTube (ミラーパネル3).

Source: SoraNews24.