Lucid Air, the luxury electric vehicle that swooned us over, recently made its global debut along with a price and more details. Lucid Air, which is built on Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP), is an all-wheel drive luxury EV powered by dual electric motors.

Lucid Air Luxury Electric Vehicle Price and Specs

The electric motors combined to produce a mind-bending 1,080 HP that would enable it to make 0-60 in mere 2.5 seconds and log a quarter-mile time of just 9.9 seconds. Yep. A 10-second car. Who needs a heavily modified A80 Supra when a stock EV can do wiped quarter-mile under 10s?

Plus, you get the benefit of a cushy ride – courtesy of the air suspension. Thanks to a “hyper-efficient battery management system” (hope throttling is not part of it!) and an impressive if not surreal drag coefficient of just 0.21, the onboard 113 kWh battery pack is said to offer up to 517 miles on a single charge.

Lucid Air Luxury Electric Vehicle Price and Specs

But the max range will depend on the model you are getting. Speaking of which, the industry-leading range is only available as standard to Air Grand Touring which is a “future model”.

In addition, there will be a limited edition Air Dream Edition that offers up to 503 miles, an Air Touring which still makes a decent 406 miles, and finally a “regular” Air which range is TBA.

Lucid Air Luxury Electric Vehicle Price and Specs

Air Dream Edition is the model to look out for if you want a 1,080 HP electric beast and sub 10s quarter-mile. On contrary to our last report, the Lucid Air will be offered in North America in 2021.

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Air Grand Touring is expected to be available in Summer 2021, while the Air Dream Edition in Spring 2021 and the Air Touring in late 2021. As for the Air, it will only be available sometime in 2022.

Lucid Air Luxury Electric Vehicle Price and Specs

Air not only stands out as super luxe, super fast EV, but it also stands out in the area of charging. It boasts an ultra fast 900V charging that would allow a level 23 DC fast charger to get you get you 300 miles range with just 20 minutes of charging.

And then there is the bidirectional charging which, in additional to the regular home charging, lets you leverage on the car’s battery to supply your home with electricity in an outage. I guess that makes it power bank… for homes?

The 2021 Lucid Air Luxury Electric Vehicle is open for reservation now. Prices start at US$95,000 for the Air Touring, and US$139,000 and US$169,000 for the Air Dream Edition and Air Grand Touring, respectively.

Air is not available for reservation, but it will sell for “below US$80,000.” Prices are before USA federal tax credit.

All images courtesy of Lucid Motors.

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