UNDERABOVE: combining above and under water photography

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(image credit: In Kyung Han)

ever wanted to take underwater pictures and also wishes that you could capture what’s above the water at the same time? apparently this is the question that spurred designer In Kyung Han to design the first dual-lens above-and-under water camera, dubbed the UNDERABOVE.

UNDERABOVE is a self buoy camera with two lenses – one above the water and the other under water. it makes use of air for top half of the camera body to stay afloat and water in the lower half to keep the under water camera submerged. this careful proportioning of air and water design helps the UNDERABOVE camera stays afloat.

similar to a conventional digital camera, the UNDERABOVE camera features an LCD screen for previewing of shot of both above and under water camera, and also allow reviewing of taken shots. there’s also a timer for taking self-portraits when no one is around to help you out. i just don’t see how this is going to work out in wide open sea… wouldn’t the current bring the camera somewhere else even before you got ready?

nevertheless, for her ingenious idea and design, IN Kyung Han was award the Red Dot: Best of the Best award. kudos!

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(image credit: In Kyung Han)

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(image credit: In Kyung Han)

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(image credit: In Kyung Han)

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(image credit: In Kyung Han)

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