shutterbugs will love to drink from their Nikon or Canon lens

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(image credit: Photojojo) The Camera Lens Mug | from US$24.00 |

mum: “John! stop washing your Canon lens and leaving it on the dish drainer!” oh wait, that’s not a real camera lens but just a beverage mug masquerade as a camera lens. confused? ok, its a Camera Lens Mug. available in the form of two “brands”, “Nikon” and “Canon”, both feature heat preserving stainless steel lining, lens-cap lid, rubber-grip focus and zoom rings, and a switchable auto-focus switch. the “Nikon” item will even “zooms” when you twist it’s grip.

i am certain shutterbugs would drink to that. how more perfect can it get? the love of photography can now extend to your mug and you will not miss a single moment not seeing your favorite lens. well, its more than just a mug, by dunking some dirt in it and chucking in a flower or two, you can turn it into a flower-pot. though, its one thing or the other – mug or flower pot. its your choice. both “Canon” and “Nikon” lens mug measures 3.3 inches in diameter and holds approximately 11 oz (about 325 ml) of liquid.

just don’t get confused by its realistic look or else you might end up trying to attach a mug to your camera or worst, rinsing your real lens under the running water. the “Canon” and “Nikon” camera lens mugs are available at Photojojo Store for $24.00 and $30.00 respectively.

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(image credit: Photojojo)

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