Going on a trip, either through the desert or vacationing in a desert climate, means that you need to be prepared. Going in without the right equipment or supplies could result in heatstroke or worse.

Everything To Buy When Going To A Desert
Photo by Isa Sebastião via Pexels.

That’s why, when you intend to travel through a hot, desert destination, you will want to buy these items to bring with you:

A Shemaghs and Wide Brimmed Hat
Shemaghs are traditional desert head-wear and are created specifically with the intention to keep the sand out, as well as protect you from the heat of the sun. It is the go-to option for locals and military personnel, and with so many great uses, you’ll quickly find that traditional Shemaghs from Self Reliance Outfitters are one of your most go-to accessories.

Breathable Clothing
Cotton and linen are going to be your best friends. Remember that long sleeves and long pants or skirts are also going to help by keeping the sun off your skin. Opt for loose clothing to promote air circulation, and you’ll be ready to go.

Pro tip: depending on when and where you are going, you will also want to bring thermal wear. As hot as deserts can be, they can also drop to freezing temperatures.

Water Bottle Backpacks

You will, of course, need to bring with you extra water, but carrying it could be a problem. A great solution to this is to buy a water bottle backpack. These can be carried securely against your body and allow you to slowly sip while on the go.

Sodium Replacement Powder
Did you know that your body can stop digesting and processing the water you drink? This is because to absorb water, you need to have electrolytes, and drinking filtered bottle water doesn’t replenish the electrolytes in your body. So, if you intend to travel for hours at a time through a desert, then you are going to want to bring sodium replacement powder with you. This will prevent hyponatremia.

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Sunscreen is an absolute must. What’s more important than the sunscreen, however, is a timer. You need to set yourself a timer so that you can reapply your sunscreen regularly and prevent sunburn from setting in.

A Mirror
If you need help, a mirror can save your life. With the sun beating down, a mirror can easily become a signal for help just by pointing it at the sun.

Standard Camping Survival Items
It doesn’t hurt to have a fire starter, multi-purpose tool, survival knife, and other similar survival items. You never know what you might encounter when in the wilderness and being prepared with small, easy to carry items is a smart way to prepare for the worst.

A Tent
If you don’t intend to spend the night in the desert, then this tent can be very simplistic. Essentially the goal is just to have the means to create a shaded oasis when you need a break.

GPS, Map, Compass, and More
You can easily get lost in a desert, which is why it is vital to take a GPS, map, and a compass for backup. When traveling through a desert, it is often also essential to turn your phone off to preserve the battery, in case you need it to make an emergency call.

Featured photo by Trace Hudson via Pexels.

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