Understanding The Size Differences Of Mattresses

Mattresses come in all sorts of different sizes, and often we have heard of the different names but struggle to fully understand what each of them actually means. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to the different sizes of mattresses on offer and what things you should consider when you’re looking for your next mattress.

When you’re trying to decide on the right size of mattress for you, there are several things you should consider. The size of your room will make a big difference, as a small room may not be suited to the king bed you’ve had your eye on forever, and a big room might mean you have the space to upgrade. The number of people sleeping on the mattress is also a crucial factor.

Queen and king mattresses are best suited for two people, anything else may feel quite cramped, especially long-term. If you or your partner is particularly tall, you may want to sacrifice some of the widths that come with a king mattress to go for the longer California king.

As well as all of this, your budget will influence your choices. If you’re looking for a cheap mattress, a smaller size may be better, as the prices tend to increase along with the size of a mattress.

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Understand Your Sizes:


Usually sized at 38×75 inches, a twin mattress is often the next step for children after a crib. A twin bed is well suited for use in kids’ rooms, bunk beds, particularly small bedrooms, or for use as a daybed.


A full-size bed is usually 75×54 inches and is best for one average-sized adult. This bed is the right size for single people and can be ideal in a studio apartment where space might be limited.


A queen-sized mattress is the most popular size as it is the most ideal size for couples. It sits at 60×80 inches, and because of its popularity, it is usually very easy to find a wide range of options in terms of sheets, comforters, and other bedding accessories.


A king mattress is the next size up, at 76×80 inches, and is also extremely popular. Because of this, there will also be a wide range of bedding options available to those who have a king-sized bed. This size is usually used in big master bedrooms and is ideal for couples who are looking for a bit more space in their bed.

California King

If you’re 6 feet or above, a California King bed might be for you. This bed is 72 inches wide, which is 4 inches less than the king bed, but 84 inches long, making it the same size overall but designed for the comfort of those who are above average in height. It can be a little more difficult to find a range of bedding for this kind of mattress, but there are lots of companies that will still offer bedding in this size.

Featured photo by Filmreal Studio on Unsplash.