The upcoming new addition to the Nike By You (previously “NikeiD”) collection is something weird and super cool all at the same time. We are not talking about just limited, custom colorways here.

The coming soon Nike Air Max 90 Unlocked By You will be truly unique. Soon, ripstop shrouds and other components will be options, and they are sure to turn heads. Seriously, how will not turn heads? Just look at this:

Nike Air Max 90 Unlocked By You Sneakers

Now that, my friends, is the futuristic kicks. Granted, the shroud-equipped sneakers look a bit of like rain boots. Then again, that is what makes this option so cool and also the fact that it could be had with the newly-added camo pattern makes it even more delightful.

The new Nike Air Max 90 Unlocked By You addition is expected to sell for US$160. It is not clear when it will arrive, though.

Nike Air Max 90 Unlocked By You Sneakers

Sneakers collectors and fashionista looking for unique, futuristic kicks should definitely keep a look out for them.

Here are a few look at the shroud-less design applied with the newly-added camouflage patterns:

Images: Nike, Inc. via Sneaker News.

Source: Sneaker News.

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