Basic skill sets are crucial in every technical position, especially if you’re new to the field. Such knowledge helps you find your specific interest, create a foundation for further professional development, and show recruiters and employers that you take your career seriously.

Preparation is one such comprehensive exam needed to get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals credential. It validates your understanding of the key principles of Microsoft 365, prepares you for performing common entry-level IT roles, and aids you in choosing your path in the industry. Below, let’s delve into details of this assessment, its corresponding badge, and learning resources you can make use of during preparation.

About Exam MS-900
This certification test is designed for applicants with a basic understanding of cloud services and their application including implementing the Microsoft 365 software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud framework. MS-900 involves four major knowledge sections: core services provided by Associates , cloud concepts, Microsoft 365 pricing and support, and security and privacy measures. The following study options will help you cover these topics extensively.

Exam MS-900 Study Resources
Taking and successfully passing tests is the most critical stage of obtaining any certification, and it all stems from the effective preparation phase. Even though MS-900 focuses on basic knowledge, it doesn’t mean that sitting for this exam will be a walk in the park. However, there are some prep tools you can use to complete this process easier.

• There are several video training courses for exam MS-900. They are prepared by experts or just successful exam-passers who want to share valuable information and experience. Using these materials, you’ll learn more about the topics assessed and test-taking tips in a dynamic format.
• Practice tests are another excellent Administrator . They involve past MS-900 questions with the right answers that you can confirm for yourself. There are many sources of both free and paid practice tests and that’s why you have to be on the look-out for reliable ones with recently updated materials. And in case you obtain highly valid sample tests, you’ll determine which themes you already understand well and which need more attention.
• There is also one applications prep tool — books. Microsoft Press Store has a couple of study guides that disclose all the exam topics and sub-topics in detail. These materials can also be found in other online book stores like Amazon.
• If you need some interactive tools provided by the Azur , you can enroll in official online courses that cover all the themes and concepts of MS-900 and are offered for free. Also, there is a paid instructor-led training for those who prefer guided Office .

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Meet challenges : Fundamentals is one of the basic badges that will serve as a springboard to career boost and higher-level credentials. It sparks your interest in many areas of the IT-sphere that you can pursue. All these opportunities are just one exam away, so use practice tests and other above-mentioned study resources effectively and improve your odds of acing MS-900 assessment on your first trial!

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