Lets take breather from CES and witness a shocking moment when a boy narrowly escapes the jaws of a school of sharks. A boy wadded into the shallow water at the beach to have some innocent fun not knowing that four sharks, possibly shopping for something to sink their teeth into, were lurking around. As soon as the boy hits the water, the sharks can be seen coming onto the boy. Now, we all know that not all sharks bite, at least not intentionally anyways, and there is no way of telling what type of sharks were involved to determine the threat at the point in time.

Still, it was a potential tragedy waiting to happen if not for a quick-thinking drone operator. Reportedly happened in the Bahamas, this chilling scene was captured by a drone operator/cameraman Artem Tkachenko who, according to another report, yelled at the boy to get out of the water and thus saving him from becoming sharks feed. And that, my friends, is why I stop hitting up beaches. You see, I have poor tolerance for pain, plus, like any sane person, I never wish to put myself through the ordeal of open wounds, or worst, losing a couple of limbs. I treasured them way too much. Anyways, go ahead and watch the entire drama unfolds before your eyes. Be warned though, it will likely send chill down your spine. Even more so if you have kids.

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Image: YouTube.

via Digg via The AIO Entertainment.

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