it is true that the Ventura SPARC MGS is an impressive time piece. it is also true that the chiseled, angular look it has is not everyone’s cup of tea and hence, the introduction of the Ventura SPARC SIGMA MGS, a luxury time piece that has everything the SPARC MGS has but with a softer, smoother look. designed by designer Paolo Fancelli, the Ventura SPARC SIGMA MGS is now on a “limited launch edition” with only 50 pieces to go around and with each costing €3,280 or about US$4,480 – a price that doesn’t stray quite much from the original MGS. powering this exquisite time piece is still the same innovative Micro Generator System that has a 12-digit liquid crystal display with LED backlight. according to the Switzerland-based Ventura, each watch was “milled piece-by-piece with 5-axis CNC machines” and “delivered ahead of the regular series made with production tools.” as with any limited edition products, each is individually numbered and a red Ventura “V” differentiate each piece from the regular series. the Ventura SPARC SIGMA MGS “Limited Launch Edition” is available for order now with shipping expected to be within this month, while the regular production models will be up for grab in late April. as a deal sweetener, those who order early gets to choose their preferred serial number online – well, that’s if the number does matter to you.

Ventura via Gear Hungry

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