Vesta Sailrocket Mk.II – rocket is certainly not part of it

Vesta Sailrocket Mk.II
(image: Vesta) Vesta Sailrocket Mk.II | US$tba |

don’t let the name Sailrocket deceive you. the Sailrocket Mk.II aka VSR2 has no rocket at all and in fact, it is not even a rocket to begin with. not only rocket is not in the equation, it is completely free of manmade power i.e. it does not have any engine but yet, it has set its sight on snagging the world speed sailing record. yes. it will attempt to better the 55.65 knots (or about 64 mph) world speed sailing record for the short distance 500 meters set in October 2010 by American kite-surfer, Rob Douglas. the VSR2 is a radically designed sailboat that bears go-fast design such as angled main fuselage and beam, and a low profile asymmetrical sail (or as Vesta called it, wing). basically, it is a sea-faring technological marvel that leaves a layman like me in awe. honestly, it is beyond my words to describe but luckily, we do have a video of the VSR2 going through some test runs after the break and if you are like me who are totally mesmerized by its oddly beautiful aerodynamic profile, a gallery is also available after the break for your view pleasure.
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via DVICE via Gizmag

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