With brands like GIGABYTE, AOC, and LG dominating the gaming monitor market, it is no surprise if you haven’t heard about ViewSonic gaming monitors.

The California-based veteran monitor maker has been serving up some pretty cutting edge gaming monitors for quite some time now and its latest offerings, ViewSonic ELITE 32” Professional Gaming Monitors, are packing quite some serious technologies.

ViewSonic ELITE 32” Professional Gaming Monitors include three models: ELITE XG320Q, ELITE XG320U, and the flagship Mini LED-backlit ELITE XG321UG.

ViewSonic ELITE 32” Professional Gaming Monitors

Available across all models are so-called ELITE Design Enhancements (EDE) for comfortable, immersive gameplay and it includes ambient RGB LED light, cable-drag-free mouse anchor, reinforced headphones hook, TÜV-certified eye comfort display, and a wide range of adjustments for multiple viewing positions – just to name a few.

At this juncture, not a lot is known about the Mini LED model except for it boasts 4K resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate, and has “industry-leading” Mini LED backlight technology.

Meanwhile, the ELITE XG320Q offers a 32” 2K QHD Vesa DisplayHDR 600 Fast IPS display, featuring hyper-realistic colors afforded by quantum-dot technology and 99% Adobe Color Gamut. ELITE XG320Q further offers a 165 Hz refresh rate – over lockable up to 175 Hz), 0.5 ms Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT), NVIDIA G-Sync technology, and PureXP Motion Blur Reduction.

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ELITE XG320U, on the other hand, has a 32” 4K Vesa DisplayHDR 600 IPS display and is engineered with next-gen consoles in mind. It features a single-cable HDMI 2.1 connectivity, 99% Abode Color Gamut, 144 Hz refresh rate – overclockable to 150 Hz, 1 ms MPRT, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, and Pure XP Motion Blur Reduction.

Both ELITE XG320Q and ELITE XG320U gaming monitors will be drop in Q3 2021 while ELITE XG320UG will arrive in Q4. Prices have not been announced.

In the meantime, you may learn more about the new ViewSonic ELITE 32” Professional Gaming Monitors and sign up to be notified when they become available in your region HERE.

Images: ViewSonic [US].

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