VOX Amphones by Audio-Technica

VOX Amphones AC30 by Audio-Technica
VOX Amphones by Audio-Technica | US$99.99 | www.voxamps.com

fancy rocking with your guitar while you are on the road or perhaps, just needed that extra late night practice for your upcoming gig without becoming notoriously popular among your neighbors? then, the VOX Amphones by Audio-Technica is just the purpose-built cans for you. the Amphones feature a built-in VOX Amplug guitar or bass amplifier, and is available in four models, each catering to individual musical preferences. basically, VOX brought their wholesome Valve Reactor technology used in their VOX amps and packed them into a pair of headphones, allowing aspiring musicians go on rocking anytime, anywhere with privacy and without the need to lug around a full-fledge amp. the best part is, these cans can also double as regular headphones for you to enjoy tunes from your portable media player. other features include a full complement of effects, including chorus, delay, reverb, compressor (for bass version), power on/off to turn the amp on for some axing job or off for regular headphones duty, auxiliary input jack for jamming along with your portable media player, and it comes with a 1/4″ connector for hooking up with any guitar or bass. dropping in this month with a sticker of just $99.99. oh, did we mention that the cans are built by Audio-Technica? more images and a product intro clip follows after the break.

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