Griffin x Otis James iPhone Sleeves

Griffin x Otis James iPhone Sleeves
Griffin x Otis James iPhone Sleeves | US$75.00 |

there’s something particularly alluring about handmade items, especially when the item in question is made for the gadgets you love, such as the new iPhone 5. what’s even better is the accessory, in this case, iPhone sleeves, are crafted by Nashville-based tie and hat maker Otis James entirely by hand and backed by reputable iDevice accessories maker, Griffin Technology. the resultant? the the Griffin x Otis James iPhone Sleeves. so what makes these sleeves so special? well, first off, no machines were involved in the making of these sleeves which means each and every of these Otis James designed sleeve are handmade in James’ studio in Nashville with every detail hand-finished, right down to the stamps on the labels. each slim sleeve features a pocket on the front for stashing your credit cards or cash and is crafted from wool, silk, and/or linen in classy and stylish plaids that reminiscences of old-style country living. comes in four flavors: Glen Plaid, Gold & Navy Plaid, Maize Check, or Orchid Plaid, and available for both iPhone 4S, as well as iPhone 5. the Griffin x Otis James iPhone Sleeves can be yours to own for $75 a pop. closer look after the break.

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