Vintage Electric Shelby Electric Bicycle

If you are expecting Shelby to dish out an official electric vehicle, you probably will be disappointed. Good news is, you can slash that disappointment to half because, now there’s the Vintage Electric Shelby Electric Bicycle. We kid you not.

Vintage Electric Shelby Electric Bicycle

The catch is, it is not made by Shelby USA. It is still kinda official, though because, it is a limited edition electric bike by cafe racer-style electric bicycle maker Vintage Electric and Shelby. Yes. The Shelby.

The Vintage Electric Shelby, AKA Two-Wheeled Cobra, features a Shelby Blue paint job with Black race stripes, iconic Cobra logo that makes it distinctively different from Vintage Electric’s other electric bike.

Vintage Electric Shelby Electric Bicycle

It is driven by a 740W (or 3000W Race Mode) rear-hub motor fed by a 1123 wH battery that enables it to reach speeds of up to 35 mph (58 km/h) and achieved a range of 75 miles (120 kilometers) in between charges. Speaking of charging, it will take only 4.5 hours to get it topped.

Other notables include thumb throttle (or just pedal faster. It’s your choice), five power modes, regenerative hydraulic disc brakes, hydroformed aluminum frame, chromoly rise bar with leather ring grip, stabilizing front suspension, and retro-chic LED headlamp – just to pick out a few.

The cafe racer, retro design Vintage Electric is known somehow fits the image and ideology of Shelby likes a glove. It is a match made in heaven, as some may say. However, this perfect match does not come cheap.

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It commands a hefty $7,249, an amount that is around $250 over its already not-so-cheap Roadster model. We shall leave it to you to be a judge of whether it is worth the premium.

Images: Vintage Electric.

Source: electrek.